Heating and Cooling Services in Kettering, OH

Heating and Cooling Services in Kettering, OH

If you are experiencing a situation in Kettering Ohio where your Gas Furnace, Electric Furnace or Heat pump doesn’t work, you need a Furnace Maintenance or Air Conditioning tune up, AC Repair, Air Conditioning Replacement or a new water heater installed immediately, or need to improve energy efficiency, then it’s time to let the team at The Furnace Man help you.  The Furnace Man is a leading provider of Heating and Cooling Services in in Kettering, OH.  We offer a range of additional services, including insulation installation, air duct cleaning, air duct sealing, ductwork testing, indoor air quality improvements, and generator installation, just to name a few of our services. The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC is dedicated to provide great value and excellent service to help you get the highest quality heating and cooling possible. Here are more details on what we offer.

Quality Heating Services and Heating System in Kettering, Ohio

The Furnace Man provides you with all the heating services you need delivered by licensed professionals. Our team helps you with installing your new furnace, boiler or heat pump, provides ongoing repairs, and can help improve your energy efficiency. We provide the same excellent service regardless of whether you own a home or a commercial business space.

Our service is designed to keep you warm all winter with the right care and equipment you deserve. We only install the highest quality equipment and work with our customers each step of the way to increase their efficiency and lower heating costs.

Heating Repair in Kettering

Heaters can take a beating over the years, which can produce a number of problems for your heater. If you feel that your Gas Furnace, Electric Furnace, Boiler or Geothermal Heat Pump isn’t producing enough heat, it started making sounds, or your heater simply stopped working, it’s time to contact The Furnace Man team today. We provide quick and efficient repairs, and help you take precautions to keep your heater in good condition going into the future.

Installation and Maintenance for Gas, Oil and Electric Furnaces

We offer service for a wide variety of furnace types, including electric furnaces, oil burners, and gas furnaces in Kettering, OH. We can help you select the right furnace size and type for your home or commercial business to ensure you save money and get the most value from your product. We also help with repairs and maintenance throughout the life of your product.

The Furnace Man Installs and Services Boilers

Many people choose boilers when they buy a new heating system, and for many homeowners and business owners, this model makes sense. We help ensure you pick the right brand, install it quickly as possible, and provide you with the service you need to keep you warm winter after winter.

Air Conditioning Installation, Air Conditioning Tune Up and Maintenance Services.

If you’re familiar with Kettering summers, you know the importance of air conditioning. At The Furnace Man, we install your air conditioner or central air unit with the idea that it’s our own home or business we’re installing it in. That means expert service that ensures all the proper measurements, sizing, and features to match your budget’s needs.

It doesn’t matter if you need to cool a few rooms or an entire building, we have the experience to do it quickly and in a cost-effective manner. That means your entire house or commercial building is always cooled properly when you need it.

Air Conditioning Installation in Kettering, Ohio

Air conditioning is an investment that can make a huge difference for your home or business. It affects your comfort, your family’s comfort, and for business owners, the comfort of their customers and employees. You want to make sure you get the installation right the first time with the proper measurements and installation, as these type of factors can have an impact on how well your air conditioner runs and what kind of energy you save. Speak with us today and we’ll help you pick one of our high-quality air conditioning systems.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Repair

No matter how good your cooling system is, there’s a chance it can break down. Our air conditioning repair team is there to help you get the parts you need, make all necessary repairs, and provide you with transparent pricing. Unlike other repair services, we understand how to repair all makes and models, and our technicians can also help advise you how to prevent repair issues in the future.

Ductless Air Conditioning Repair

HVAC is constantly evolving, and ductless air conditioners are one of the top innovations out there. Ductless air conditioners in Kettering are featured increasingly in both homes and businesses, and help provide excellent energy efficiency by eliminating ductwork. Ductless mini splits can help you save huge on energy bills during those hot summer months and we offer the models and support needed to make them work for you.

A Cutting-Edge Solar Air Conditioner

The summer is hot and bright, so why not harness that energy? Solar air conditioners take your energy efficiency to the next level. We have the experience to install this piece of equipment in your home or service an existing solar air conditioner.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Kettering So You Can Breathe Easy

Poor air quality can have long-term health effects on you and your family. Unfortunately, air quality tests often reveal indoor pollution levels that are far too high. Opening a window from time to time isn’t going to cut it. We offer services to help you improve your home’s air quality from top to bottom, and businesses concerned about air quality can also benefit. These systems can fully integrate into your existing HVAC system for a seamless heating and cooling experience with better air quality in the end.

Installation and Support for Air Filtration Systems

Dust and debris are constantly circulating in your home, along with other harmful air particulates. If you want a highly effective solution for this type of air pollution, it’s time to contact The Furnace Man about your options.

Humidifiers For Better Air Quality in Kettering

We install and support humidifiers for your home. Low humidity can create a number of issues inside a home, including health issues for some individuals. While some benefit from using a portable humidifier, this doesn’t provide complete coverage for your home. We install and service quality models that keep your home at the perfect humidity level when you need it.

The Furnace Man Provides Dehumidifiers and Dehumidifier Service

On the other end, humidity levels that are too high offer another equally big problem. High humidity can lead you to feel stuffy and lead to moisture problems for surfaces like wood within your home. If you need a quality dehumidifier in Kettering, OH, call us today. We can also help repair and service your dehumidifier throughout the lifetime of your product.

Insulation Makes All The Difference

The Furnace Man recognizes the importance of insulation for your home or business. In fact, it’s the most important factor when it comes to energy efficiency. Even if you install a top of the line HVAC system with great efficiency ratings, it won’t help you much if you don’t have the right insulation. Not only do we offer complete insulation services, such as blown-in insulation, but we can also help you properly remove insulation as well.

Ductwork Services For Your Home Or Business

Ductwork is often overlooked when it comes to furnaces, heat pumps, or central air units. However, this is one of the most important elements of an energy efficient HVAC system. Ducts needs to be clean, sealed, and maintained over the years to ensure properly functioning heating and cooling. Speak with us today if you want to learn more about how ductwork can radically improve your system’s efficiency and overall performance.

Duct Cleaning Services for Kettering, OH

We make sure your ducts are spotless through the use of both portable machines and machines powered by our diesel trucks. We clean every area of your ductwork to ensure proper airflow, clean air circulation, and ensure you don’t have any obstructions.

Duct Sealing in Kettering, OH

Ducts can undergo a lot of abuse over the years. Fluctuations due to heat and cold can cause cracks and other issues in ductwork. Dust and other debris can also damage ductwork. Once ductwork is no longer properly sealed, it can lead to a drop in performance and energy efficiency. The Furnace Man provides you with the duct sealing services to ensure your system stays closed and operating properly.

Water Heater Installation and Water Heater Repair in Kettering, OH

If you like taking a hot shower, cleaning your dishes in a dishwasher, and just knowing you’ll have enough hot water on tap, then you probably appreciate what a quality water heater can do for you. We offer you a quality selection of water heaters for installation and replacement, and many of our models not only ensure you never have to suffer a cold shower again, but also offer superior energy efficiency. Learn more about our water heating services today.

Fast and Efficient Water Heater Installation

Installing a water heater properly takes a lot of expertise. The Furnace Man Helps ensure the proper measurements, fit, model, and complete integration with your home’s plumbing and electrical systems. We pride ourselves on our professional water heating installation to keep the water flowing in your home all year round.

Water Heater Repairs

Your water heating system can breakdown under stress, and you need a service that responds quickly to your needs. Our team goes to work quickly to repair your water heater, find the right parts, and ensure your system works from top to bottom, including with your existing plumbing.

Solar and Tankless Water Heater Options

Solar and tankless water heaters are innovative products that help improve your energy efficiency dramatically. We offer a variety of these models to help ensure your home has the water heating it needs.

A Whole House Generator in Kettering, OH To Keep You With Energy No Matter What

Back-up power is a huge concern for many businesses and home owners. If you want to ensure you have a generator that can supply power to your entire home or business, contact The Furnace Man today. We offer a variety of systems for installation and service, including air-cooled and liquid-cooled generators. We also offer effective repairs of existing systems.

Commercial Services

Commercial buildings like hotels, retail outlets, factories, and other buildings need quality HVAC and refrigeration services. We at The Furnace Man make sure that commercial services work for the entire Kettering, OH area.

Commercial Refrigeration For Kettering, OH

Commercial refrigeration is especially important for hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets. If you want a quality commercial refrigeration product, we can help design, plan, install and maintain your commercial refrigeration unit for the life of your product. Contact us at 937-427-4015 or via our website https://www.thefurnacemanohio.com/contact-us/

About Kettering

Kettering, OH’s motto is “Live Work Play” but we at The Furnace Man like to joke that it’s only possible with the right heating and cooling services. After all, no one from Kettering’s population of 56,000 likes to work, live or play if they’re sweating all summer long or freezing throughout the winter.

Kettering is a great place to work and have a family, with the Cox Arboretum MetroPark and the Fraze Pavilion hosting summer concerts. We at The Furnace Man value this community and its hardworking people, and we love helping them feel comfortable all year round in their homes and businesses.