Central heating and cooling systems for homes offer fantastic advantages for comfort and convenience. But they also have a significant drawback: each time the system comes on, it heats or cools the entire home, sending out conditioned air from every vent. This means expending energy on empty rooms. Do you wish you could shut off the heating and cooling to those unused rooms, or personalize the comfort throughout the house with multiple thermostats? You can: have professionals install a zone control system in Dayton, OH for your heater and air conditioner. To find out more about this beneficial service, call the specialists at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC today.

If you are interested in a zone control system for your home, or you require repairs or maintenance for your current one, call the technicians at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC for quality service in Dayton, OH and the surrounding areas.

How Does Zone Control Work?

Zone control systems are often installed with new heating and cooling system installation. However, skilled technicians can retrofit an existing ventilation system for zoning. The way it works is that installers place a series of dampers inside the ductwork. These dampers can close off the air flow to particular vents throughout the house, which divides the living spaces into a series of “zones.” Each zone has its own thermostat to operate the damper. The thermostats are networked to a central control panel that can manipulate each zone. The homeowner controls which rooms receive conditioned air from the central panel, or people throughout the house can adjust the temperature in their area through the local thermostats.

When you have a zone control system installed, you decide how many zones you want. It can be as many as there are rooms in the house, or it can be as basic as “upstairs” and “downstairs.” Professional installers will assist you with making the best choice to suit your home’s needs and your budget plans.

The Benefits of Zone Heating and Cooling

There are numerous ways that a home will benefit from having zone control installed into the heating and cooling system. Here are two of the most advantageous:

  • Reduced energy use: Think about all the rooms in your home, and then ask yourself how often you need to have all of them cooled or warmed. Chances are high that you will rarely need your entire house heated or cooled at once. If you have guest rooms that used infrequently during the year, there will almost always be a place in your home that doesn’t require heating and cooling. A zone control system allows you to narrow your energy use for keeping a home comfortable: only condition the rooms that need it.
  • Personalized comfort: No two people in a household have the same comfort requirements, and this can lead to conflict and discontent over indoor climate control. But the local thermostats of a zone control system allow anyone to fine–tune the temperature to suit their needs without changing the temperature throughout the rest of the house. Everyone can have a room set to their ideal comfort level.

We Install and Service Zone Control Systems in Dayton, OH

Installing a zone control system requires professionals who can properly access the ductwork, set up the dampers, and then correctly wire together the network of thermostats. Trained technicians are also necessary for the occasional repairs a zone system will need due to malfunctioning thermostats or broken dampers. Call The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC for the skilled assistance you’ll need when it comes to zone control in Dayton, OH.