Gas Furnace Cost In Dayton Ohio And Surrounding Areas

Gas is now the most common fuel used to heat homes, and gas furnace is now the most popular modern heating option. Many homeowners want to know their true gas furnace cost. They want to know if they’re getting value for their money. In other words, you should be asking what are the benefits of gas furnaces? Is their cost justified in terms of performance? And what kind of maintenance costs are expected down the road? To answer these questions, review this guide to determine whether a natural gas furnace is right for you and what costs are involved.

Natural Gas Furnace Cost

A woman by the fireplace

A woman by the fireplace

It’s first important to understand why the cost of a gas furnace is justified. For one, they are usually more energy efficient than oil furnaces, which partly explains their recent market dominance. However, they also happen to be cheaper and have a stronger performance track record than other furnaces, like electric furnaces.

Modern gas furnaces generate heat more evenly. This helps keep rooms at a constant temperature. Given the cold winter weather of Dayton Ohio that means you’ll deal less with quick temperature increases and drops seen in older models. For those that are concerned about air quality and the environment, modern gas furnaces also emit less pollutants and particulates.

The Cost Of A Gas Furnace

Ultimately, the cost of a gas furnace will greatly depend on the particular model and features you’re looking for. While the average gas furnace will cost homeowners in the range of $2,500 to $4,000, prices can go up from there based on your needs and desire.

One of the main factors that can impact the price of a gas furnace is the actual size of the furnace. Larger houses usually need larger furnaces. In most cases, larger furnaces will cost you more money.

Energy-Efficiency And Gas Furnace Cost

The size of the furnace isn’t the only factor when it comes to cost. Energy efficiency is perhaps even more important than size in determining the final cost of a model.

Modern natural gas furnaces are capable of running in stages, unlike older models which always ran at full power. For example, a two-stage furnace can run at 70 percent of power or 90 percent based on your needs, which has a big impact on controlling energy costs.

It’s not only about whether a furnace can run at different stages, but how efficiently it uses natural gas. To understand energy efficiency, you should look at the annual fuel-utilization-efficiency (AFUE) rating. This rating calculates how much natural gas fuel is converted into actual heat.

Much older models had trouble converting 70 percent of fuel to heat, but more modern models are required by law to convert 80 percent or more. Even more efficient models can convert up to 97 percent, which is approaching near total efficiency.

Why Energy Efficiency Matters For Colder Areas?

It’s true that buying a more efficient furnace will cost more upfront. For models between a 90 to 97 percent AFUE rating, you can expect to pay $1,000 to $5,000 more than a similar model with an 80 percent AFUE rating. However, the increased efficiency of your furnace can have a substantial impact on your monthly energy bills.

In areas like Dayton Ohio, Beavercreek OH and other locations in the Midwest, harsh and long winters are common. That can leave you cranking up the heat. As a result, a higher efficiency model often makes more sense. That’s because the cost of a higher efficiency model is offset over the long-term drop in your energy bills.

Installation Costs For A Gas Furnace

Beyond energy costs, installation and maintenance costs are also important factors to consider. For one, you’ll want to ensure that your gas furnace works well with your existing duct system. This can especially be a problem for larger furnaces working with smaller duct systems. A poor duct fit can produce noise that disturbs homeowners.

When it comes to gas furnace Installation, this is where an experienced and professional contractor is key. They’ll help you select the right size furnace based on calculations that take into account the following:
• Your home’s size
• Your surrounding climate
• Your house’s design, including how air flows in your home
• Examine your duct system and help you either get a furnace that fits, or help you determine how much a new duct system will cost.

Installation costs will ultimately depend on the difficulty of the job and whether ductwork needs to be performed to accommodate a larger furnace. It might be also worth asking for additional work, like improved insulation and a programmable thermostat. These additions can also greatly bring down energy costs related to your gas furnace.

A professional contractor will also help you select a model by helping you calculate your overall energy costs. This happens by looking at:
• The AFUE rating of a model
• Local utility costs
• How much insulation your home features
• Other factors like how large your home is

Armed with this information, you can then make the right decision about what your overall costs will look like and choose a model that works well for you.

Maintenance Costs For A Gas Furnace

It’s also important to maintain your gas furnace by following your user’s manual. Improper maintenance or handling of a gas furnace can lead to more frequent problems. This can ultimately lead to an increase in maintenance costs. A reliable contractor can let you know which brands and models are the most reliable and trustworthy.

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