Using forced–air systems is the most common way to provide heating for a home. Most homeowners associate forced–air heating with a network of ducts to distribute the air. But ductless heating systems allow people to install central heating into a home that lacks room for ductwork, or to remodel or build free from the space–restraints of a ventilation system.

Ductless heating originally started in commercial buildings, but more and more homes today are benefitting from their convenience and flexibility each year. If you wish to discover more about the advantages of going ductless and how ductless heating can work for your home, call the Dayton, OH heating and cooling professionals at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC today and schedule an appointment.

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How Ductless Heating Works

Ductless heating systems are similar to standard heat pumps: they use an outdoor unit to move heat into a home. However, where standard split system heat pumps only have a single indoor unit hooked up to a ventilation system, a ductless system is a “mini split” that uses multiple individual blower units placed throughout the house. These blowers each connect separately to the outdoor cabinet through refrigerant and power lines and send their heated air straight into the rooms, without any need for ductwork.

The Benefits of Ductless Heating

There are a number of excellent reasons to choose a ductless heating system for a home. Here are a few of the major ones:

  • Higher efficiency: As heated air travels along ducts, it will start to lose heat and lower the efficiency of the system. Since the blowers send heat directly into rooms without moving it through ducts, much less heat energy is lost during the process.
  • Zone control ability: You don’t have to heat the entire house each time your central heating comes on if you have a ductless system. You can manipulate the individual blowers to choose which places in a house receive warm air, and you can shut down the heat to unused rooms. This means better comfort for the home, but also additional energy savings.
  • Healthier indoor air: Ducts will collect dust and dirt—and even less appealing contamination—over time, and the air forced through the ventilation system will send these pollutants into the air in a home. Ductless heating removes this danger to your indoor air quality, and this makes it particularly suitable for homes with pets of people with asthma and sensitive allergies.
  • Space–saving: If you are remodeling your home or planning to construct a new one, a ductless heating system permits you to have central heating without needing to surrender large parts of the house to a ventilation system. If you live in an older home with no space for ductwork, installing ductless heating is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of a central heater without massive remodeling work.

Call for Ductless Heating Installation in Dayton, OH

Any central heating system needs trained professionals to install it. You want to make sure that the system works as well as it can and that you’ll receive all the potential benefits. Expert installers will also help you select the right type and size of ductless heating system to match your home. In Dayton, OH, contact The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC for all your needs for ductless heating, from installation to repair, replacement, and maintenance.