Has the boiler in your home started to run down to the point that it can no longer keep back the winter cold? Although boilers can last for many years and only need a few repairs, they won’t endure forever. If your boiler can no longer perform its job adequately, you need to look into scheduling a professional replacement.

If you feel uncertain about whether your boiler should be repaired or a replacement, you should put your trust in the skill and training of HVAC professionals. To find NATE–certified technicians who can inspect your boiler and inform you about your best options if it should need replacement, call The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC and speak to one of our heating specialists. We offer boiler replacement in Dayton, OH that will meet all your needs for winter warmth for years to come.

For skilled boiler replacement services in Dayton, OH and the surrounding areas, contact The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC.

Ways to Tell You Need Boiler Replacement

If you keep up with scheduling regular maintenance for your boiler, it should outlast almost any other type of home heating system. But inevitably, an aging boiler will start to decline in heating power and show signs that it should be replaced. Here are some indications to watch for that will tell you to call The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC and arrange for a new boiler installation.

  • High frequency of repairs: Most heating systems will require the majority of repairs during the last two years of their service lives, and this is also true for boilers. If you start calling for repairs more than once a year in order to keep a boiler operating, check over the last few years of repair bills. If their total cost is creeping closer and closer to the price of installing a new system, then it’s time for a replacement. Ask your repair technician for advice if you feel on the fence.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion occurs because of water and metal in the presence of oxygen. Boilers have a number of features to help them to resist corrosion, but they can eventually succumb due to age. If you notice rust appearing along the tank of your boiler, or if rust is causing leaks, call for a technician to see if the system should be replaced.
  • Rising energy costs: One of the advantages of replacing a boiler is that newer models are far more energy–efficient than the models manufactured only 10 years ago. As soon as your aging boiler starts to cost more to run than it once did, and repairs and maintenance don’t help, you should consider switching to a new model that will work more efficiently than your current boiler did even when it was new. There’s no reason to keep paying more to run an old boiler.

Sometimes the signs that you need a replacement are obvious: the boiler stops working entirely. In this case, you’ll need to call a skilled boiler replacement company that can respond fast and install a new boiler to restore warmth and comfort to your home.

Schedule a Boiler Replacement in Dayton, OH

We understand that replacing a major home appliance like a boiler is a big decision, and you want to be certain that you make the wisest choice. Our staff at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC is ready to assist you with your boiler service needs, and we can deliver you a high–quality replacement.