Even with many new innovations in home heating technology appearing over the last few decades, boilers have remained popular choices for keeping houses warm through the winter. Instead of burning fuel to heat the air and then distributing the air through a ventilation system, as furnaces do, boilers operate through hydronic power: they burn fuel (gas, electricity) to heat water, and then distribute the water through the house to radiate warmth into the rooms. Boilers have a number of advantages to consider when you are looking for a new heating installation in Dayton, OH. Call The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC for the professional assistance necessary to install a boiler to keep your family cozy for many years.

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Why Choose a Boiler?

Boilers have some superb benefits for home heating. Because they use fewer moving parts than heaters such as furnaces and heat pumps, they do not suffer from the same level of wear and tear over time. Consequently, boilers enjoy long lifespans that can keep a whole generation of a family comfortable. This reduction in mechanical stress also means that boilers generally require a lower number of repairs during their lifetime, provided they receive regular professional maintenance.

Because boilers use radiant heat to warm rooms, they are excellent for maintaining high level indoor air quality. The radiant heat that comes from the baseboard heaters and radiators used with boilers does not pick up dust, dirt, and other pollutants the way that air moving through ductwork can. This cleaner heat coming from a boiler is particularly helpful if you have people with allergies and asthma living in your home.

The radiant heat of a boiler is also more even than that coming from a forced–air system. Heated air sent through vents tends to first gather at the top of a room, taking a while to spread down throughout the space. But the heat from a boiler will warm up the room faster and with a more even distribution of heat. Because of their heating effectiveness, boilers often need to run less than other heaters, leading to lower energy bills.

Why You Need Professionals for Boiler Installation

It’s crucial to hire professionals to install any heating system for a home, and boilers are no exception. Without installation work from experienced technicians, boilers can pose problems due to leaking, which will not only reduce their effectiveness as heaters, but also cause water damage to houses. Improper installation will eliminate many of the many advantages that make a boiler an attractive option in the first place: the boiler will last for a shorter time, require numerous repairs, and struggle to generate adequate heat. To get the most from your boiler, make sure that you only rely on quality installers in Dayton, OH from The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC for installation.

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