The quality and integrity of the ductwork that distributes conditioned air around your home is vital for maintaining an efficient heater and air conditioner, and also to protect the health and well–being of people in your household. Ducts that suffer from damage and leaks can lead to serious problems with indoor air quality, unnecessarily high utility bills, and an HVAC system with a shortened lifespan. If you have doubts about the condition of your ductwork, contact the specialists in Dayton, OH at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC for quality duct testing. We will find out what repairs or replacements will restore your ventilation system to top condition.

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Why Professional Duct Testing Is Important

The ventilation system connected to an air conditioner and forced–air heater are like the lungs for a home: these passages need to remain in excellent condition to allow the ductwork to properly circulate air without a drop in air pressure. If ductwork suffers damage that goes undetected, it place heightened stress on your comfort system that will force it to work harder than it should, raising expenses and increasing the likelihood that the heater or air conditioner will age rapidly and break down. Ducts that filled with leaks and breaks will also permit contamination to enter the ventilation system, and these pollutants will then exit the vents into the air you breathe.

Professional duct testing locates all the places in your ventilation system where ductwork is losing air pressure and energy. Technicians place the network of ducts under pressure and then use special gauges to detect the spots where air is escaping. Using these precision techniques, duct testers will know the condition of your ventilation network and what sealing, repairs, and replacements are necessary to protect your HVAC system and indoor air quality.

When to Schedule Professional Duct Testing

If specialized duct testing services are necessary to discover that a ventilation system needs attention, how will you know that you need to schedule testing in the first place? This is a good question, but once you know the warning signs to look for, it’s not difficult to answer.

Always pay attention to unusually high heating and cooling bills. If you cannot account for a sudden spike in the costs to heat or cool your home, you may have damage to the ducts that is permitting energy to escape. Once you notice a rise in your bills, investigate the vents in the rooms to see if you notice a change in the airflow from them. If it is weaker than expected, you almost certainly have damaged or leaky ducts. In general, if you notice hot or cold spots in the rooms around your house, you should inspect the airflow from the vents to see if it has weakened.

The airflow from the vents can provide you with another clue that your need duct testing: musty odors or other strange smells. When ductwork integrity declines, air from closed–in locations in a house (the attic, between walls, crawlspaces) will begin to enter the ducts and create unusual smells from the vents.

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