Why heat or cool your walls, attic or crawl space and waste your money? Do you need air duct sealing?
Most homes rely on a network of ducts to distribute the air from a forced–air heater and air conditioner throughout the rooms, keeping temperatures even and comfortable. But in order for the air ducts to work adequately, they must maintain an airtight seal. Even small gaps, holes, or leaks along a duct will cause air to begin escaping, lowering air pressure and negatively affecting the performance of a home’s HVAC system.

When the integrity of your home’s ductwork is in jeopardy, call for skilled air duct sealing in Dayton, OH to find the location of the leaks and make the ventilation airtight once more. If you think you have leaky ducts, you’ll find the technicians with the right duct sealing solutions at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC. Our innovative air duct sealing technology is more effective than traditional methods. It seals even the tiniest of leaks in your duct work.

Watch for These Signs That You Need Air Duct Sealing

If the ductwork of a ventilation system stays mostly hidden behind walls and ceilings, how will you know when it needs professional duct sealing? There are a few signs to keep a watch for that will tell you it’s time to call for experts to seal your ducts:

  • Musty, unusual odors from the vents: Holes in ductwork usually open onto closed–in spots of a home, such as between walls or in crawlspaces. These regions contain dust and debris that can enter the ductwork through the breaches, and will result in musty and unusual smells emanating from the vents. When you start to detect these odd smells in rooms, and they seem to originate from the vent openings, call for indoor air quality specialists to look into the trouble.
  • Rises in cooling and heating bills: Even a few small leaks in ducts can cause a heater or AC to lose 30% efficiency due to a loss in air pressure that forces the system to work harder. Pay attention to your monthly heating and cooling bills to watch for any spikes in costs that could indicate a drop in ventilation system integrity. Even if ductwork isn’t at fault, you will still need HVAC professionals to investigate the increase in costs.
  • Drop in airflow from the vents: As air pressure drops due to leaking ductwork, it will cause the airflow coming from the vents to drop as well. This will leave hot and cold spots throughout your home, so when you notice a room that is the wrong temperature, check on the level of airflow from the vents. If it seems weak, then contact duct professionals to find where the leaks are occurring and seal them.

How Professionals Take Care of Sealing Ductwork?

You should never attempt to seal up leaking ducts on your own. For one thing, it’s too difficult to access the ventilation system without training, and attempting to do so could result in further damage. You also lack the tools necessary to adequately seal ducts to restore their airtight seal. “Duct tape,” despite the name, is almost useless for actual ducts. Commercial duct tape rapidly falls apart because of temperature changes inside the ventilation system.

Duct sealing technicians use special tools to both locate where leaks are occurring and to seal them up so they remain closed. The professional duct sealers at The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, LLC use equipment such as mastic sealant and metallic tape to make certain that your leaky ducts are restored to their airtight condition. Trust to our training and experience whenever you think your ductwork in Dayton, OH needs professional care.