Because commercial buildings need a thermal seal to keep their buildings energy-efficient, it’s hard for fresh air to move in and out of the building.

Dust and other pollutants will continue to build up in the air unless they are addressed, leading to an unsafe and stifling environment for employees and customers alike. People with sensitivities to allergens are even more likely to suffer in these scenarios. Luckily, modern technology has come up with multiple solutions for poor air quality in your commercial space. 

Heating Systems Maintenance - Dayton, OH

Heating Systems Maintenance – Dayton, OH

Commercial Air Quality Products to Restore Healthy Air to Your Location
Commercial Air Purifier

One of the best methods for removing the particles that can pollute the air in a building is to install a commercial air purifier. Air purifiers operate through mechanical or electronic means: indoor air quality experts will determine what type of particles you need to eliminate and find the air purifier that will target them most effectively.
Commercial Humidifier

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If the air inside a building becomes too dry, it will lead to an uncomfortable workplace that feels colder than it is. Low air moisture also causes dry skin, an easier transmission of illnesses, increased static electricity, and damage to wood furnishings. The right commercial humidifier can be installed directly into the HVAC system and will balance the humidity to end these troubles for your business.
Commercial Dehumidifier

High humidity can make the workplace feel miserable. Excessive levels of moisture also encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which not only pose health hazards but can ruin building material. A commercial dehumidifier works to remove the high levels of moisture from a building’s air without drying it out too much, so you’ll have the appropriate humidity level for your day–to–day comfort and health.

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