Comparison: Electric Heating vs. Gas Heating

The heating system market is always changing, adding new parts or even entirely new systems while others fall out of fashion. You can see this change happening right now, if you look at the advent of entirely electric heating and how it’s competing with natural gas for space. This constant evolution can be overwhelming for homeowners, who just want a heating system that fits their needs. Fortunately, we’re here to help you. Let’s look at the differences between electric and gas heating, and which one might be right for you.

Gas Heating

Gas heating is, of course, the more traditional of the two types of heating systems. A natural gas pipe is installed in the house, allowing a constant supply of fuel to the heater. Both gas-powered furnaces and boilers garner heat from the burner assemblies installed at the end of the gas line. These burners burn the natural gas and create heat. The heat then flows through a heat exchanger that heats the passing air or water, depending on what kind of system you have. The warm air or water is then circulated throughout the house.

Gas heating is known for its versatility and efficiency. Natural gas provides a lot of heat per unit of fuel, and is widely available across the country. This is why it has become the primary fuel type for most homeowners. However, natural gas does create a lot of air pollution, and there are some areas where gas pipelines are not available.

Electric Heating

Electric heating utilizes electricity to heat a home, requiring only that the system have access to a power source. Instead of a burner assembly like gas heating systems use, electric heaters use heating coils to provide warmth. As the electricity runs through these coils, they become quite hot. The coils then heat the air or water being circulated through the house.

Electric heating is desirable because it can be used almost anywhere. If you have electricity in your home, you can have an electric heater. It’s also safer than gas heating, as it doesn’t produce air pollutants that might sicken the people inside the home. However, electricity does tend to be a more expensive fuel source than gas.

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