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How An AC Tune Up In Dayton Ohio Metropolitan Area Can Save You Money And Protect You All Summer Long?

For a small investment in your air conditioner, you can see really big returns. An AC tune up is your way to ensure your air conditioner avoids breaks down. At the same time, it also helps you keep your air conditioner running more efficiently and often more quietly as well. After all, the last thing you want to deal with during a hot and humid summer is your air conditioner dying on you. If you want to protect your air conditioner with an AC tuneup, here is more information about why an AC tune is important, how it can help your air conditioner over the long-term, and what a technician will do during the tune up.

 Why Regular AC Maintenance Is So Important?

During normal use, your air conditioner naturally accumulates dirt and dust, which makes it run less efficiently. At the same time, your air conditioner will also suffer wear and tear over the years which can also impact your air conditioner’s performance. When your air conditioner isn’t running as efficiently as possible, it means that it needs more energy to get you the results you want in terms of cooling. You’ll be left with higher energy bills and probably in the end have to replace your unit sooner than you wanted to.

Unfortunately, the most common cause of a broken air conditioner is due to a lack of maintenance and regular air conditioner tune ups. That means if people just invested a small amount of money once a year to have a tune-up, they could avoid paying higher energy bills, suffering breakdowns, and ensure their air conditioner lasts through the years.

In fact, the Department of Energy indicates that air conditioner owners must ensure they have regular maintenance of the filters, fins, and coils inside an air conditioner or it’s likely that your air conditioner will not function correctly over time. In fact, clean filters can reduce energy bills by 5 to 15 percent. However, that’s just one small part of proper maintenance, and issues like refrigerant leaks, poor airflow through evaporator coils, an inaccurate thermostat, and issues with the condensate drain are all common problems. They also reduce your air conditioner’s performance and eventually lead to a breakdown.

Ac Tune Up

A Spring / Summer AC Tune Up

All too often air conditioners can breakdown suddenly and without warning. This means you shouldn’t just assume because there isn’t a problem that one won’t occur. At the same time, there are sometimes warning signs as well. If you experience any of the following, you need a tune up immediately:

• Poor airflow
• Too much noise
• Inefficient cooling

There are common problems that occur in different parts of every air conditioner that an AC tune up can help prevent. For example, your AC’s coils will eventually start collecting dust and dirt even if you change your filter regularly, which reduces airflow and is especially common if you have an outdoor condenser coil. At the same time, your air conditioner’s coil fins can easily become bent and block air flow as well, costing you more money in energy bills. A technician can easily fix these issues with the right tools, but many people still neglect to take advantage of an AC tune up.

An AC Tune Up Is Essential For A Safe and Comfortable Summer

It’s also clear that a broken air conditioner at the height of summer can not only be uncomfortable, but even dangerous. The summer heat in Dayton, Ohio and the Greater Dayton area can often be incredibly difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, it can also quickly lead to heat stroke, dehydration, and fainting. The danger is even more severe for the elderly, people in poor health, and very young children. This underlines why an AC tune up is about taking care of yourself and the people you care about.

What AC Tune Ups Involve?

A professional air conditioner tune up should involve thorough checks, repairs, and a cleaning of all necessary parts. Here are some of the key elements of a proper tune-up:

• A thorough check of the coolant level to ensure the right amount is inside your AC
• A review of the blower motor and testing the performance of the blower belt
• All motors inside your AC should be well oiled by a technician
• Your thermostat should be calibrated to ensure its operating properly
• Check if there any refrigerant leaks with a leak detector
• Measure the airflow within the evaporator coil
• Inspection of your electric terminals, which includes a complete cleaning and tightening of all connections.
• Your AC technician should also apply a non-conductive coating to electric connections if it’s needed
• Your air conditioner filters need a thorough cleaning and should also be replaced if needed
• Flush out the condensate drain and treat it with anti-algae coating
• Look for burned or pitted contacts
• Check for exposed wiring inside your AC
• Look at coil fins and ensure they aren’t bent or broken
• Test the compressor for proper volt draw, amperage and tight connection

Although these are some of the main elements of a successful AC tune up, your technician should perform many different testing and safety checks as needed. The right air conditioning technician doesn’t just look at your air conditioner either, but they review your home as well. That means checking your ductwork for central air conditioning systems to ensure there aren’t any leaks. They should also check the dehumidification levels and airflow accuracy.

After your HVAC technician is finished with your AC tune up, they should go over what they performed during the tune up with you, and perform tests to ensure that your airflow and cooling have improved. They should also advise on what you can do during the course of the year to ensure you get the maximum amount of performance from your AC. Ultimately, the best time to have an AC tune up performed is during the spring time, but no matter what you do, you should find the time to have it checked at least once a year.

For residents in Dayton Metropolitan Area looking for the best and most thorough AC tune up possible, it’s time to contact The Furnace Man at 937-427-4105. The Furnace Man features trained and licensed technicians who can get to work on protecting your air conditioner and ensuring it works all summer long. This will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also save you plenty of money over the long run.

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